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Between Greg, Stephan and Mitch are about 75 years of clinical trials experience with major pharmaceutical companies and major CROs.










































About us

Mitch Scurtu career highlights

  • Mitch has been in clinical data management for about 25 years. Has DM processed or supported about 800 clinical trials for major pharmaceutical and major CRO companies.
  • Got involved with the R&D process mapping at Glaxo. His responsibility was to process map the data management sub function and to generate the project management templates to be integrated in the enterprise project management system
  • While a speaker in Glaxo's Speakers Bureau he trained doctors and pharmacists across the US on the Drug Development process and allowed continuing education credits.
  • Mitch successfully led development of two major technologies:
    • iEDC intellignet EDC;
    • GT1 - Optimal Global Pricing technology. Please see Technologies tab for details.
  • His educational background - 4 Master's degrees.

Dr. Staphan Ogenstad career highlights

Dr. Ogenstad has 25 years experience working with major pharmaceutical companies, including Vice President of Biometrics at Vertex Pharmaceuticals in Cambridge, Massachusetts USA. He earned a Ph.D in Statistics from the University of Stockholm, Sweden and taught statistics at the University of Stockholm. He is an Adjunct Faculty Memeber and Professor of Biostatistics, Jiann-Ping Hsu College of Public Health, Georgia Southern University and member of the International Advisory Committee of the University of North Carolina at Greensboro USA. He is President of the North Carolina Chapter of the American Statistical Associaton, Program Chair for the Section on Statistical Consulting for the American Statistical Association, Program Chair for the Section on Statistical Consulting for the American Statistical Association, and Course Director of Biostatistics at Center for Professional Advancement, East Brunswick, NJ. He is currently President of Statogen Consulting LLC. He also served as chief statistical advisor and reviewer to the Nobel Prize committee on Medicine and Physiology. Recently he joint as partner the Intelligent Clinical Technologies group.


Dr. Mihnea Emanuel Galca career highlights

  • Software engineer/shareholder at DRAGON PROD SRL.

  • Developed several programs at DRAGON PROD SRL in various fields like: networking, internet, 2D and 3D graphics, databases, web services, operations research / economics, image compression and processing, digital signal processing.


Greg Ginn career highlights

Greg is a Clinical Biostatistician and Data Management Executive with over 20 experience years in Medical Device, Pharmaceutical, & Biotechnology companies. He has contributed to successful PMAs, NDAs and Business Partnerships.

Educational background: Master's in Biostatistics

Specialties: Biostatistics, Clinical Trials, Clinical Data Management

Dr. Elmor L. Peterson career highlights

Owner and currently the only employee

Systems Science Research and Consulting

July 2005 – Present (9 years 2 months)3717 Williamsborough Court, Raleigh NC 27609

Mathematical modeling of complex economic and/or engineering systems relevant to industry, business, government, and the military -- to be able to "predict" both stationary and dynamic system behavior, in order to "prescribe" both optimal designs and subsequent optimal operating procedures, or to be able to "predict" game-theoretic equilibria for both "non-cooperative competition" (of a tactical nature) and "cooperative competition" (of a strategic nature). Research on the theory, algorithms, and software implementations of related equilibration, optimization, and mathematical programming methodology -- especially for prototype "posynomial geometric programming" PGP and its generalizations GGP. Recent advances include "novel reformulations" of all "well-defined" problems that are either LP (linear programming) or AGP (algebraically-nonlinear GGP) -- as equivalent "linearly constrained", "completely separable", "asymptotically linear", "convex" optimization problems -- to which "vector processing" can be "directly" applied. These reformulations greatly increase the sizes of the LP and AGP problems that are "numerically solvable" in "real time" by current "high-performance super computers" capable of "parallel processing". Some of these novel reformulations are also providing potentially important new approaches to both "general stochastic and robust optimization", as well as "integer programming".



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