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The services we provide are in relation to our proprietary tools / technologies:


  • CTS - Clinical Trials Simulation

  • iEDC - intellignet EDC - Intelligent Data Capture

  • MUSL - Macro nivUersal Statistics Library for reporting clinical trials to FDA, EMA

CTS - Clinical Trials Simulations

iClinTec (Intelligent Clinical Technologies) recommends full sequences of Phase I-II-III clinical trial designs and adaptive considerations in recognition of the needed critical information in order to proceed most efficiently to product approval. Based on our experiences this is best done with FDA and EMEA guidelines as well as historical paths to approval.

 iEDC - 
Clinical Data Management

Provide high quality clinical databases, in time and significant cost savings. Intelligent Data Capture represents the next generation of intelligent EDCs - the iEDCs

MUSL - Macro Universal Statistics Library

MUSL allows infinite customization of your clinical trials reporting and represents the most efficient programming.



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